You Make a Difference

Your generosity does more than just change diapers, it changes lives. You create a Colorado where every mom, dad and caregiver feels like they have everything they need to raise thriving children. And where perfectly good baby gear is saved from landfills and given new life in loving homes.

Your kindness could be doubled- don’t forget to ask your employer if they have a matching gift program!

The gentle snores and sighs of a baby sleeping in their crib.
The giggles of a toddler as they ride in their stroller down a sidewalk.
The sweet coo’s of a newborn finishing a bottle with a full tummy.

All of these sounds are possible because you love and care for kids who aren't your own.


  • Provide relief to a mother that doesn’t know how she will buy formula this week
  • Give a newborn baby a warm, cozy and safe place to sleep
  • Keep a toddler healthy, clean and dry with diapers
  • Provide a seasonal wardrobe for a child to make sure they are dressed warmly during the Colorado winter
  • Give a grandmother a way to safely transport her grandchild

OUR VILLAGEJoin an unstoppable village of monthly givers

As a member of Our Village, your generosity ends the agonizing choices parents face of buying either a crib or a car seat; diapers or formula; warm boots or a cozy coat. Your commitment to seeing ALL Colorado children thrive means the world to us. When you join Our Village, you’ll receive exclusive communications, special invitations to WeeCycle events, and will become a true partner in our work.

Will you join Our Village? Your kindness makes a difference.

$ 0
per month

You can ensure that a child in Colorado is clean and dry by giving them a week’s supply of diapers.

$ 0
per month

You can provide a seasonal wardrobe for 8 children to make sure they are dressed warmly during the Colorado winter.

$ 0
per month

You can ensure that no parent has to water down formula to make it last by giving them a week of meals for their formula-fed baby.

$ 0
per month

You can provide a crib or bassinet so that when a parent puts their baby to bed, they know they will be cozy and safe.

More Ways to Give

From gifts of stock to donor advised funds, there are many ways to help WeeCycle end diaper need in Colorado.